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               Doing the online dating things is hard. Sometimes it doesnít always work out and different people are always looking for different things. Whereas 10 years ago, online dating seemed kind of silly people are really starting to come around to the idea. In fact, Itís become a socially acceptable way to meet someone. The problem is that some people arenít necessarily looking for online dating but they also arenít looking for dirty sites on the internet either. Iíve found that with my vast knowledge of dating in general, Iíve been able to apply that to the online dating world pretty well but there are a lot of people out there who arenít as well-versed in the world of dating as I am. I guess thatís kind of a good thing for me. More for me, right? But it is a concern that some guys and girls have no idea what to do or say when they first enter the world of online dating. Enter your hot book .com which has really changed my life around. Before I was going to the other websites like and which were good if you are really serious about long term relationships, but not great. This website is more about short term relationships. Not one night stands necessarily but you get to cut through some of the nonsense associated with the beginning parts of dating. For me, Iím a 32 year old guy who doesnít look to settle down for a couple more years. I just feel like I wasnít to make sure when it is time Iíve really seen everything there is to offer already and wonít be wonderingÖ. What if Iíd dated a taller girl? What if I had dated a model? Iíve never been with a business woman, what would that be like? Do I like a specific nationality of girl? You canít really answer these questions without getting out there and meeting lots of new people.

               I see so many people (guys and girls both) that are all about their high school sweetheart or the person they met in college. Thatís all fine and dandy but just not for me. Itís my belief that a lot of these couples that start out young are really setting themselves up for failure. Itís one of those things that makes me think that these couples are really dependant on each other. Itís like making two halves into one whole instead of two wholes into one greater whole. When you have a relationship like that, you just can help each other to grow, right? I never thought so anyways. For me, itís been about self discovery and knowing what I like. People are afraid to do that these days because thatís not how their parents did it nor is it how their grandparents did things. What people need to realize is that we are in changing time. Changing times mean changing means in my book. We donít get water the same way our great grandparents did, we donít drive the cars our grandparents did and we donít communicate the way our parents did, so why do we date the same way they did? It just doesnít work anymore. As great as technology has been, it also give us too many options in some cases so itís so important to really know what you want in a computer and in a mate. If it werenít for sites like this one, I wouldnít really know how people can get to know what they do and donít like. With so much more temptation out there these days, how can people just ďsettleĒ and feel secure about it? Sure, there is a little bit of a romantic in me, but Iím also logical and want the best for me and everyone I end up dating. Sometimes I log and realizeÖ yeah, these people really know what theyíre doing. Sure, there are also the 55 year olds just looking get a little and thatís kind of pathetic but I understand I guess. For one guy, Marty, I noticed on your hot book .com heís still playing the game at 75 years old. More power to him, I say, but thatís not what I want. Iím just trying to sift through the fun to find Mrs. Right.

               Sure, I donít tell many people about your hot book .com, at least not my friends, because Iíve found that some are still a little judgmental about everything but whatever. I canít listen to them if they donít have what I want. If these were people in happy relationships then maybe Iíd take their advice a little more seriously I just donít know. Every time I bring up your hot book .com in regular conversation people say some pretty interesting things, but I must say most of these people arenít people who are happy. They are just looking to rip down others to make themselves seem more significant. Itís silly, just silly.